DSV Protect - your safety net

Find out more about our new low cost service - €5,000 cover for only €5!

At DSV Road Ltd we cherish our customers and take pride in looking after your shipments. But even with the best and most professional care the unexpected can happen and often in these cases our standard legal liability does not fully compensate our customers.

DSV Protect 

We have thought long and hard about how best to bridge this gap and from April we will be introducing
DSV Protect. This is a new low cost service that provides our customers additional financial protection on all International road freight shipments to & from Ireland.

DSV Protect covers up to €5,000 against damage & theft.

At a cost of only €5 per shipment you are covered for up to €5,000

Additional benefits:

  • there is no deductible / excess
  • if you already have your own transport insurance policy , you can still make use of DSV Protect against the cost of any excess on your policy (up to €5000)
  • protection against loss or damage
  • no weight restrictions on individual shipments
  • payments processed within 7 working days

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