Get e-services Advanced

With e-services Advanced you will get a transport solution with the full range of functions needed to handle all transport administration. You will be notified of any problems with your transports, you can easily handle return cargo and pre-define which values you want your consignment reports to contain

e-services Advanced is an extended version of our Basic package and is particularly useful for regular and ad-hoc users. The product includes the following functions:
  • Personal Login 
  • Register New Shipment 
  • Book Shipment 
  • Consolidate Shipment 
  • Booking Confirmation 
  • Shipment Status 
  • Status Notification 
  • Goods View 
  • Invoice Control 
  • Report Center 
  • Consignment Report 
  • Address Registration 
  • Customised Templates 
  • History of Activities 
  • EDI Communication

The functions will provide you with the tools necessary to save time, get a complete overview and work more efficiently.

Personal Login

You will have a unique login consisting of a user name ID, company ID and password. This enables you to store addresses and all other customised settings in the system.

Register New Shipment

You can register a shipment manually or complete the shipping information that has been transferred from your system to our.

Book Shipment

You book transports via the Internet to suit your schedule, and you decide the pick-up time of the shipment. You can also create your own templates to customise the system to your individual needs. The system is integrated with all DSV companies throughout the world, and you can select the mode of transport and in which country you want to use DSV.

Consolidate Shipment

It is possible to consolidate several shipments to the same town or recipient and handle them as one shipment. This is cost-effective and makes the shipments easier to monitor. You can still track the original shipment in the system. A consolidated shipment can be split for local distribution or new consolidation at any time.

Booking Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation when your booking has been received and processed. The confirmation is an electronic document which confirms that an order for transport has been received and is being processed by DSV. The confirmation will be faxed or e-mailed to you.

Shipment Status

Using Shipment Status, you can check the status of your latest shipments at any time. All information is collected in one single place. You can easily search for current shipments using a wide range of parameters, including order number, consignor, consignee and transport product or article number. Shipment Status can be adapted so that individual users can view their own current shipments only or all the company's shipments. You can also authorise a third party to view the status of shipments.

Status Notification

Status Notification is a proactive tracking service which keeps you updated on the status of shipments and reports any problems such as delays or damaged goods. You can choose to receive messages by e-mail or directly to your mobile phone as a text message.

Goods View

You can give your customers access to information regarding the shipments to them. The customers will be given a password to a read-only version of the system which displays the status of the shipments. Goods View will thus provide your customers with a high level of service while freeing resources in your customer service department.

Invoice Control

Your original order will automatically be matched with the relevant invoice. Thereby you can easily follow up on and manage invoices for each consignment. With Invoice Control, DSV can send electronic invoices directly to the system which analyses prices, weights, flows, etc., and helps you identify problems and errors in invoices.

Report Center

You will receive personalised consignment reports containing your pre-defined values. You can choose what information you want your consignment report to show and the desired period of time. You can also use filters to get a report for a specific product, consignor, consignee, etc. If you want to receive the report on a regular basis, you can save it as a template. Reports will be sent by e-mail to an optional address at a specified time.

Consignment Report

You will receive reports on your shipments which can be imported into Excel, Access or other programs. The reports will give you an overview of all shipments and forwarding events during the past 18 months, including the goods forwarded, transport services used, total weights and changes in status. You will receive documentation for use for future planning, quality assessment and procurement processes.

Address Registration

You can create your own address register in the address administration functionality. Your addresses will be listed in a drop down menu from which you can easily select the relevant address. The address register is time-saving and minimises errors as addresses are only entered once.

Customised Templates

You can optimise the work flow by using customised templates when booking your transports. You can create and adjust templates on the basis of transport flows, transport products, etc., so that they include exactly the information relevant to you.

History of Activities

History will give you an overview of all shipments and forwarding events during the past 18 months. You can view transport details, such as the goods forwarded, transport services used, total weights and changes in status.

EDI Communication

You can book and send EDI using all transportation modes offered by DSV. It is also possible to receive a file with invoicing information, statistics or other data for processing in your business system.

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