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BREXIT, the term given to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, is probably the most turbulent event to occur in Europe since the Second World War.

While many parts of society and business will be impacted, few, if any, will be as profoundly affected as the Transport and Logistics sector. While other countries that trade with Britain may be able to focus their attention elsewhere, looking South or East for alternative markets, both our geography and our trading relationships mean that we have no alternative but to deal with it head-on. 

Almost every route, every customer and every member of staff will be impacted in some way as a consequence of Brexit. It will certainly lead to challenging times, as business processes and customer requirements endure the consequences and we must adapt to meet those challenges.

Contingency plans

The lack of clarity around Brexit means that it is very difficult, as a business, to plan how we should proceed. We have some guidance regarding East-West trade but as no firm decisions have been made yet at a political level, the practicalities of many day to day operations remain uncertain. 


  says Paul Monks, Director Customer Service and Brexit Representative for Ireland.

Brexit website 

In order to keep you informed as much as we can, DSV have created a dedicated website on this subject, which is updated anytime there is any further news. It has a FAQ section and some useful links, such as the Government websites for various countries, including Ireland. We hope you will find this website useful and that it will answer some of your questions.

DSV Brexit website

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