Weights and sizes

Calculation of the belt circumference

  • The calculation is based on the volume weight if the actual weight exceeds your shipment. Please see your quotation for the current calculation base
  • The maximum length of each package is 270 centimeter.
  • The maximum size per package is 330 centimeter (belt circumference = length + 2 x height + 2 x width)
  • Larger shipments on request

Calculation of the volume weight

  • Calculation of the volume:
    Length, width and height of a package are measured in centimeters, rounded up to the full centimeter and multiplied. In the case of shipments containing several packages, the volumes of the individual packages need to be added. This result equals the total volume of the shipment.
  • Calculation of the volume weight:
    To calculate the volume weight (in kilograms), the volume of the shipment is divided by the factor tendered in the quote. Any partial kilogram weights are rounded up to the next half or full kilogram.
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