Booking cut-off times

Important information for next day collection requests

Guidelines for cut-off times for next day collections

Whether booking directly with your contact in DSV or via one of our online platforms  (myDSV / Quote & Book etc.), it is important to have an approximate cut-off time for next day collection requests.  This is particularly important if you are using one of our digital self-service platforms booking online directly. 

Why do we have these guidelines? 

Due to different country time zones, daily collection planning, driver routes and constantly changing volumes we have laid out below guideline times for ensuring you get your booking notification to DSV in a timely fashion to ensure we can cover your collection requirements. 

Exports from Ireland

Imports to Ireland

United Kingdom

1400 local time

1400 local time

Europe (incl. Balkans)

1200 CET

1200 CET

Scandinavia (incl. Baltics)

1200 CET

1200 CET

Times for Europe and Scandinavia are specified in Central European Times due to Seasonal Irish Clock Changes.
Please note these times are subject to change once the outcome of Brexit is known.

However, if you have any urgent of time-critical requirements please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on:

Naas office

Belfast office

Newcastle West office

Link to our self-service booking systems